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Tuesday, June 16, 2020 11:00 AM • Camp Ramblewood, Darlington, MD

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Officers and Trustees

President -
Joel Meredith II


Vice President -

 Craig Setti

Secretary -
Penni Schmon

Treasurer -
Stacey Cooper


Trustees -

Virginia (Kitsa) Nolan, Mike Schlosser, Tim Salisbury,

Patty Worlledge, Morgana Dawn


Officers and Trustees -

Joel, Craig, Penni, Kelly, Geoff, Virginia, Mike, Tim, Patty

Tech Department -

Penni Schmon

Leraje Demon 


Marketing Department -

Carl Schmon, and Friends



FSG Contacts

(For any questions needing answered please contact.)

About The Festival -

General questions and feedback for FSG


Coorination Team - 

Carl, Tim, and Morgana



Merchants -
Eve, Tim, and Mariah


Registration or Housing -

Kitsa, Brenna, Rowan - The Reg Fae

Workshops -

Kitsa and Eve



Gathering Rituals -


Sweats -
Tyrtle and Kitty, Sweat Team

The Free Spirit Academy (For Kids) -

Heidi, Academy Headmistress


Young Adult Program -

Stormlily, Young Adult Wrangler


Performing at FSG -

Lynn, "Julie" Your Cruise Director


Working On Staff -

Kitsa AKA Catbert, Staff Wrangler


Our Marketing, Publicity, and Outreach Team -

Carl, and a Cast of Many, Marketing Department

General Information and Questions?

Want to send us something in the mail?

Free Spirit Alliance

1200-C Agora Drive #226

Bel Air MD 21014-6849


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